Why Choose Our Aluminium Bi-fold Doors?

Are you working on a home improvement project? Does your customer want to enjoy their garden more? Or design a modern, up-to-date home? If so, Aluminium bi-folds are one of the best choices.

Aluminium bi-folds are rapidly becoming one of the most significant growing home improvements in the UK today. The folding door is a modern, elegant and secure sliding door option.

A number of years ago, bi-folds were an aspirational addition to any home and were considered to be out of most peoples’ budget. Now they are available for any type of home, at an affordable trade price from Slide And Glide. 

At Slide And Glide, we manufacture bi-folding doors with the latest technology. We combine high-quality double glazing with durable Aluminium frames to provide you and your customer with one of the best concertina doors on the market.

living room with bi-folds

U Value

1.6 W/m²K

Frame Depth


Yale Door Lock

24mm U Channel Multipoint


24mm – 40mm

Smooth Rollers

4 Stainless Steel Wheels


Easy To Slide And Fold Away

One of the best features of our Aluminium bi-folds is that they are almost seamless to open. Gliding along a stainless steel track with smooth runners, they fold away effortlessly, maximising the opening space into your customer’s garden.

The heavy-duty roller mechanism is reliable and safe in operation and works with an advanced wheel system to ensure the bi-folds open smoothly.

Adding bi-folding doors to any project provides the WOW factor. Moreover, the doors fold all the way back leaving 90% of the doorway clear – like a glass wall opening up.

Bi-folds open up the garden to the outside world by sliding and folding away effortlessly, creating a panoramic entrance to the outdoors. Aluminium bi-folds not only provide beautiful views both inside and out, but they also merge the living quarters with the outside. 

Furthermore, when the doors are folded back they flush stack on top of each other maximising the free space in the room and garden.

A Variety Of Styles

All of our bi-fold doors are bespoke to your requirements. We can tailor the size, colour and accessories to match both your and your customer’s needs.

Depending on the width of the opening, bi-folding doors often have between 2 and 6 panels of A-rated energy efficient glass.

You can also let our Aluminium bi-folds blend in with the rest of your customer’s home or your project by matching the colours perfectly. We stock the most popular colours such as anthracite grey, white and black. Plus, we stock hundreds of textured powder coatings that our team can tell you more about.

Moreover, as the frames are coated in our factory, the external colour and the internal colour don’t have to be the same – meaning the bi-folds are completely customisable and unique.

If you are unsure where to start, our experts can advise you on our stylish choices. 

RAL colours
couple sat in front of white sliding doors

High-Quality Double Glazing

At Slide and Glide, we use only the highest standard of double glazing. The glass we use is energy-efficient and A-rated. 

Moreover, the high-quality glass panels ensure that when the Aluminium bi-folds close, they are keeping the weather outside.

Plus, we have a range of different glazing options available.

Bring more natural light into your customer’s home with these fantastic doors. They will draw in the sun and enhance the living space in the home. Furthermore, natural light is a great way to make your customer’s home feel more spacious and comfortable.

Moreover, the narrow profile of the aluminium frame allows for maximum glazing and the flooding of spaces with natural light.

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If you are looking for a dependable Aluminium bi-fold supplier, get in touch with our team. We have over three decades of expertise, so we manufacture our doors with quality and precision in mind. 

Call our team on 01744 758881 or email info@slideandglidebifolds.co.uk to find out how we can supply you.

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