Aluminium Bi-folding Door Double-Glazing

When it comes to reliable bi-folding entrances, door double-glazing is crucial. The doorway has such a large opening that it needs to remain energy-efficient. If only one part of the door fails to be efficient, it could result in higher energy consumption and a rise in bills. 

Our bi-folding door double-glazing is what separates internal and external elements. High-quality glass creates a vacuum seal that slows down cold air trying to pass through. By the time the cold air reaches the opposite pane in the double-glazing, it has dissipated, enhancing the energy efficiency.

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Energy-Efficient Glass

Energy-efficient windows are those made of either two or three glass panes that are then sealed in a single unit. The unit is surrounded by an Aluminium frame.

  • Double-glazing consists of two sheets of glass with a small gap in between, usually less than 20mm.
  • Triple-glazing consists of three sheets of glass with two small gaps in between.

The most energy-efficient glass is low-emissivity glass which has a thin coating of metal oxide on one of the internal surfaces. Furthermore, the coating allows light in from the outside but reflects the heat of the home back inside.

Gas-Filled Gaps

Our double-glazing has a krypton or argon gas centre. These gases are far more insulating than air, so they slow down the transfer of energy and create a vacuum. Furthermore, the vacuum prevents cold air from penetrating the home and helps to retain the heat inside. Hence, the gas centre is crucial to maintaining energy efficiency throughout the winter months.

The size of the gap between the two panes determines the overall performance of the window. Furthermore, a 16mm gap is considered the optimum thickness. However, smaller gaps may be better suited for some homes or projects.

Noise Insulating

Door double-glazing helps to reduce noise pollution from external factors. Compared to single-glazing, double-glazing can reduce outdoor noise by up to 30%. Moreover, this is extremely useful when your home improvement projects are located near schools or main roads. 

The noise-reducing glass with high-quality Aluminium frames combines style with durability. These high-quality frames are what make our bi-folding doors an excellent choice for your projects.

Find Out More From Our Team

Double-glazing will help to keep your customer’s homes warm in winter and cool in the summer. Moreover, the large panes create a panoramic view externally and allow stunning views of the garden – helping to bring the outdoors to life through the comfort of home. 

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