Why Choose Slide And Glide PVC Sliding Doors 

At Slide And Glide, we have been supplying and installing PVC sliding doors for over three decades. We know what it takes to provide a durable door that leaves the customer satisfied. 

Our PVC sliding doors are one of the best ways to open up the outdoors. Moreover, that is even more true if your customers spend a lot of time in and out of the garden. Our sliding doors operate on a smooth glide runner that is almost silent when in use.

Not only do these doors create an easy-to-use entrance, but they can also boost energy efficiency and reduce noise. Keep reading to see why our sliding doors are the right choice for your projects.

PVC sliding patio door

Thousands Of Choices

When it comes to designing a unique door, PVC creates one of the best starting points because it is easily modified. 

PVC is available in hundreds of RAL colours. Plus, it has a range of accessories and glazing choices that can make each door unique. Some of the optional extras that we offer include wooden textures and noise-reducing glass. 

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PVC has one of the best insulation properties. Our sliding doors combine with high-quality glass to create an energy-efficient door that helps to keep in the heat. That can help to lower energy bills and form a more comfortable home.

Furthermore, using VEKA frames, you can be sure that the PVC we use for our sliding doors is of the highest quality.


PVC sliding doors are more cost-effective than other materials. They have been proven to be reliable insulators that are cheaper to manufacture than Aluminium and timber.

Our doors have an energy rating of A. Therefore, they stand up to the qualities that are required to meet this standard.

Hundreds Of RAL Colours

RAL colours are a fantastic innovation that allows PVC to have hundreds of colours. These colours include the popular anthracite grey.

If your customers are looking for something a little more unique, we have a full range of options to choose from. A member of our team can take you through the choices available.

Low Maintenance

Although not as durable as Aluminium, PVC frames offer a lot of durability. They can withstand British weather and do not rot like timber. PVC gives your projects reliability.

Moreover, our high-quality PVC is low maintenance. The frames only need to be wiped down to clean. They do not need treating or painting. Therefore, they can save your customers time and money.

Choosing PVC Sliding Doors From Slide and Glide 

Our PVC doors are one of the best options for your projects. We have a broad selection of choices to give you the ideal door for almost any application. 

Our team can take you through how we can supply your business and home projects. To get started, call 01744 758881.