Aluminium Frames

When it comes to sliding doors, Aluminium frames are one of the best choices for your customer’s home and for your projects. That is because they come with a range of benefits.

With most homes opting for more affordable uPVC, Aluminium is a luxury choice that can make your projects stand out. The durable metal alloy creates a thin frame that can withstand unpredictable British weather. 

Another benefit of Aluminium frames is that, unlike uPVC and wood, it is resistant to rotting or warping. Moreover, this gives it the potential to last longer than the more traditional frames. 

Hover over the images below to see the main features of our Aluminium frames below.

living room with bi-folds

Thin Frames

Because Aluminium frames are stronger than uPVC, they can be slimmer. Moreover, the thinner frames create a contemporary structure with a greater area for double glazing.

Therefore, they maximise natural light and create a more comfortable, modern living space.

Stylish Design

The slim frames with fashionable powder coatings create a stylish element that will be a talking point of your projects. At Slide And Glide, all of our Aluminium frames are made to your specifications that you can rely on as a tradesperson.

With over 30 years in the industry, we know what it takes to create the perfect bi-folding door for almost any application.


Aluminium frames are naturally longer lasting than uPVC and timber. Aluminium can be a cost-effective choice for your premium projects.

Whether you are looking for a material to stand the test of time or a unique door for your customer's home, Aluminium frames are a great choice.

Low Maintenance

Compared to timber, PVC and Aluminium frames are low-maintenance. They do not require yearly painting or varnishing. Therefore, with a basic wash now and then, your customer's bi-folding doors will look fresh and modern with minimum effort.

Find Out More

Our team can supply you with a variety of bi-fold frames for your trade requirements. We manufacture bespoke made to measure bi-folding doors that can be a talking point of your projects. 

You can reach our team by calling 01744 758881 or emailing They will be able to take you through all of our choices and how we can provide you with one of the best door choices on the market.