The Disability Discrimination Act states that businesses are obliged to provide access for disabled people. 

Moreover, the Act suggests that disabled access must be improved to make it easier for people to enter and exit. If changes need to be made, then businesses are expected to carry them out. However, only if the changes are considered reasonable. Hence, the change must be cost-effective and affordable and must demonstrate a clear benefit to disabled people. One change that would be beneficial would be accessible bifold doors. 

Why Make Businesses Accessible?

Despite changes like these being required by law, businesses should become more accessible for other reasons too. 

Making a business accessible to disabled people is only fair. However, it also broadens the appeal of a business and means more customers can come through the door. Businesses can also then employ disabled employees too. It makes it clear that a business is welcoming if it is accessible to all. Moreover, other people can also benefit from alterations and improvements – like elderly people or parents with young children and prams. 

Why Install Accessible Bifold Doors?

Access challenges can often easily be overcome by bifold doors. They can turn small and awkward doorways into a space that opens fully. Hence, bifold doors are suitable for pubs and restaurants, offices, hotels, and shops. Anywhere that has suitable wall space to install them can house accessible bifold doors. 

The track of a bifold door can often sink into the floor, meaning a wheelchair or pram can cross the threshold safely and smoothly. Moreover, as bifold doors glide across the track smoothly, they are easy to operate. 

Bifold doors are versatile and can be customised to match any existing windows, doors or decor. They also benefit from safety features to keep the property secure when they are closed and locked. 

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