As time goes on, things deteriorate.

When newly installed uPVC will look modern and will perform well for years. However, over time, the uPVC will suffer from wear and tear. Hence, homeowners may need to replace uPVC like for like or replace it with something like aluminium instead. 

Replace uPVC To Improve Energy Efficiency

Some homeowners may choose to replace uPVC windows and doors to improve energy efficiency. If the current windows and doors are old, the house may be allowing heat to escape. 

Windows that are single glazed will only have one pane of glass. Upgrading them to double glazing will enhance the energy efficiency of the home. The gas in between the two panes will trap the heat as it tries to leave the home. Hence, energy bills will reduce. 

Upgrade To Improve Security

Older windows and doors may not be as secure or safe as newer ones. Advances in technology have made products like these more secure than ever before. Windows and doors are now harder to force open, and their locking system performs much better. 

Replace uPVC To Improve Appearance

Sometimes windows can look dated. The older they are, the more dated they may look. uPVC can often start to yellow too. Hence, the home can look unkempt. 

Replace uPVC windows with a like for like option to freshen up their appearance. Changing them for aluminium instead may mean that your home is more customisable with a choice of RAL colours. 

When replacing doors, patio doors can be substituted for French doors. Sliding doors or bi-folding doors can also enhance the appearance of the home, making it look more modern and contemporary. 

When replacing windows, installing a bay or bow window can enhance the aesthetics. Tilt and turn or casement windows are also popular choices.

Improve Soundproofing

Upgrading uPVC can mean the home is more soundproof. Double glazing will ensure that sounds from outside the home can’t be heard as well inside. Hence, this is ideal for those that live in busy areas or on main roads. 

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