Bifold doors are versatile and contemporary, but the number of bifold door panes and configuration options can be overwhelming. 

The article below discusses the configuration options that come with a bifold door, and the number of bifold door panes suitable for each home. The options differ depending on the size of the opening. The larger the opening, the more doors will fit in the space.

Two Bifold Door Panes

If the opening is small, two-door bifolds are ideal. Moreover, these are a great way to update French doors too. These open in one direction to form a large and unobstructed entrance. Furthermore, in keeping with a more traditional style, these maintain the appearance of French doors when closed. 

Three Panes

If the opening is larger, a three-door bifold may be appropriate. The 3+0 configuration means all the panels fold in the same direction. A 2+1 configuration allows for a traffic door, with two panes folding back one way, and the other in the opposite direction. 

A traffic door is ideal for easy access without having to fold back all of the panels. 

Four Doors

Four-door bifolds provide a larger opening still. A 4+0 set-up means all the panels fold in unison. However, the 3+1 configuration is much preferred as three fold back on way, with the other door acting as a traffic door. Here, the joining panels provide a French door effect when closed.

Five Bifold Door Panes

Five-panel openings are one of the largest set-ups available. Much like with the other options, a 5+0 configuration means all the doors fold in the same direction. A 4+1 means the four doors fold onto each other, whilst one can open separately. The 3+2 configuration means the panels fold in opposite directions but can provide a French door effect when closed.

Six Doors

Six bifold door panes are recommended in the 3+3 configuration which provides a diverse opening for large spaces. The two sets of three fold back in opposite directions. 

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