Sliding patio doors and bi-folding doors can be seen in homes across the UK.

However, French doors are just as popular amongst homeowners. They are available in various designs that add to the aesthetic value of a home. Moreover, they can match different styles and decors whilst adding a layer of security. 

These types of doors offer versatility to traditional and modern homes, and they are discussed in more detail within this article. 

Where Do They Originate From?

As the name suggests, these doors originate from 17th century France. They were an ideal solution for dim and dull homes. 

The doors had the purpose of letting in as much sunlight as possible. Hence, the glass panes extend to fill most of the door. 

What Are The Characteristics Of French Doors?

One of the main characteristics of a French door is that it comprises hinged double doors. They often swing outwards, allowing access to the width of space that they open. 

Moreover, as previously mentioned, they benefit from large glass panels and a slim frame. 

How Much Do They Cost?

The price of French doors varies depending on their size and material.

The larger the doors, the greater the cost. Furthermore, uPVC is a more affordable material than timber or aluminium.

How Secure Are French Doors?

Given that French doors consist of large panes of glass, many people think of them as insecure. However, recent manufacturing and design changes mean that these doors are some of the most secure on the market. 

The glass is toughened and can also be laminated to increase security. The doors themselves can have multi-locking systems, high-quality locks and adjustable hinges to enhance security. 

What Uses Do They Have?

External French doors lead from inside the home to the outside. Usually, this is onto the patio or back garden. They can either open inwards or outwards and allow natural light to flood the indoors. 

Internal French doors are a great way to allow more light into rooms. They divide and separate two adjoining rooms but can also open, giving the illusion of extra space. 

What Materials Can French Doors Be?

The most common material for French doors is uPVC. It’s affordable, durable and long-lasting.

However, other materials are becoming more popular, including composite. Composite is also long-lasting and durable and is easy to maintain. It’s also considered to be a more secure option. 

Moreover, aluminium frames are strong and durable. They can withstand the elements and can last for around 40 years. Furthermore, they are insulating and energy-efficient too. 

Timber is the most traditional choice. It can be painted or varnished to ensure its maintenance but can be costly. 

What Are Their Overall Benefits?

French doors are versatile for all homes. They can open inwards or outwards and can be customised to suit all homes. 

They are energy efficient and allow plenty of natural light to flood the home whilst opening up the space within to make homes seem bigger and brighter. 

Furthermore, they are valuable and desirable, meaning they can increase the value of homes.