Sliding doors, bi-folding doors and French doors all make for stylish patio doors. 

Are you thinking of upgrading or changing your patio doors, but you’re not quite sure what to choose? Making the right decision can be daunting, as there are so many options. Our handy guide will help you figure out which patio door will be best for your home. 

Sliding Patio Doors

Some years ago, sliding patio doors were not the popular on-trend choice. However, in recent years, they have become more popular, modern and aesthetic. 

Sliding doors can have chunky frames for a classic look or slim frames for a more contemporary style. 

They allow plenty of light to enter the home. Moreover, dependent on their size, they can provide panoramic views of your garden. 

Furthermore, sliding doors are secure and energy-efficient too. 

One advantage of a sliding door that often gets overlooked is that they are a streamlined door. Bi-folding and French patio doors need space between their panes to either fold or swing. Sliding doors sit on top of each other and pull back instead. If you have furnishings, curtains or blinds near, you won’t have to move anything to operate the doors. 

The only drawback of a sliding door is that they don’t fully open up your living space. Therefore, sliding patios aren’t space-saving like bi-folds are.

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Bi-Folding Patio Doors

Bi-folding patio doors are considered the most desirable style of patio. Bi-folds are modern, stylish and seamless in transitioning from inside to out. 

Their concertina-style folding panels allow you to open up a whole wall of your home. Moreover, bi-folds let you connect your living space to your garden. 

Bi-folding doors are customisable. You can choose how many panels, their opening direction, and even their colour. Furthermore, bi-folds don’t need to fold back every time they are open. They have a main traffic door too! 

Similar to sliding patio doors, bi-folds increase the levels of natural light entering your home and are energy-efficient. 

However, they are much more seamless and effortless than sliding doors. They are also space-saving as they fold onto themselves. Bi-folds have multiple locking points, making them much more secure too. 

Bi-folds are considered more of an investment. But they are longer-lasting when made out of an aluminium frame. Furthermore, they can add value to a property too! 

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French Doors

French patio doors are the most classic choice. They are sophisticated and elegant, comprising of two separate doors that open outwards. 

French doors are usually more affordable and easier to install. Many houses benefit from French doors already, so the old door gets removed and the new one installed. 

They suit all styles of home from old to new and still let in plenty of natural light. Thus, they are energy-efficient and as secure as other single locking system doors too. 

All patio doors increase the value of your home, as they all open up the outside space and bring nature indoors. French doors do just that too.

Whilst not as customisable as bi-folds, French doors can have Georgian bars or decorative glass added instead.


So which is best? There isn’t one particular better option when it comes to patio doors. It all depends on your home, desired look and preference. Sliding doors are great for the streamlined look, bi-folds are the most space-saving, and French are best for a classic look.