A sliding patio door is a popular choice for a lot of homeowners. 

A sliding door is an ideal addition to any home due to the amount of natural light they allow to enter and their energy-efficient qualities. 

However, some homeowners are dubious when it comes to installing new patio doors due to several myths. In this article, the myths are outlined and debunked. 

A Sliding Door Doesn’t Suit A Traditional Home.

One of the biggest myths surrounding patio doors is that they are too contemporary for traditional homes. However, this is not the case.

Owners of modern homes, new builds and traditional houses can benefit from a sliding door. Furthermore, the doors are customisable and can suit each customers requirements. 

There are multiple colours to choose from alongside accessories such as handles and locks. 

Sliding Patios Aren’t Very Secure.

As sliding doors comprise large glass panels, many people consider them to be less secure than other alternatives. 

However, the glass is toughened, meaning our sliding doors are both safe and secure. Moreover, the use of laminated glass can further enhance the security of the door as the glass will not shatter. 

Furthermore, multi-point locking systems add to the security of the sliding door, making them as secure as any other door. 

They Often Leak.

No matter whether a door swings, slides or folds open, water intrusion can occur. 

A Slide And Glide sliding door is weatherproof, meaning it can withstand all the elements, including heavy rain. 

Our doors form a tight seal making them leak resistant. Moreover, they are energy-efficient and durable. 

A Patio Door Is Hard To Open.

It is often thought that the bigger the door, the harder it is to open – but this isn’t always the case. As the doors simply slide open, they don’t require much strength despite the doors being sturdy and heavy.