Unsurprisingly, bi-folding doors are the latest home must-have. More and more people are opting for bi-folds over sliding doors and patio doors. This article discusses the benefits of bi-folds. 

Bi-Folds Are Low-Maintenance

Bi-folding doors need very little maintenance once installed, other than cleaning them. Yet, they do need to be kept free of debris in their tracks. 

Check for small stones in the runners before sliding the doors back closed and remove them immediately. Vacuuming the tracks regularly can also keep the doors in good working order. 

Dust the frames with a non-abrasive cloth, and then wipe down once a week with an all-purpose cleaning solution to keep the doors looking pristine. 

There’s nothing worse than dirty or streaky windows… A simple shop-bought window cleaning spray can be sprayed onto the glass and wiped clean with a microfibre cloth. Furthermore, you can buff the glass with a dry and clean cloth to give them a shiny new look.

Moreover, be careful not to scratch the glass with your cloth. Ensure your cloths are clean and soft before use. 

They Are Long-Lasting

Aluminium is a hardwearing, robust material. It’s malleable and strong. Moreover, aluminium is less likely to warp, rot, corrode or rust. 

Furthermore, when aluminium is used for bi-folding doors, the doors can last for around 45 years. Thus, their long lifespan is a benefit. So, bi-folds are a worthy investment if you’re wanting them to stay long-term. 

Bi-Folding Doors Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Bi-folding doors are contemporary and add style to any home. These doors are effortless, and seamlessly open up the outdoors. 

Bi-folds can also boost the value of your home. They are so desirable amongst homeowners that they can increase the value of your home. 

Bi-Folds Are Energy-Efficient

Not only pleasing to the eye, but bi-folding doors also allow the sunlight to shine through all day long. Bi-folding doors let lots of natural light into a room because of their large panes of glass. 

Bi-folding doors are mainly glass. Because of this, they capture large quantities of sunlight each day. Furthermore, this will make your home feel warm and bright. Even in the winter. 

Bi-Folds Are Space Saving

One of the main selling points of a bi-folding door is that they don’t swing inwards or outwards. They fold onto themselves and compact down. 

Furthermore, no space is needed to accommodate the door. They don’t limit the size of the opening like patio doors do due to them just folding back on each other. Because of this, bi-folding doors are ideal in smaller rooms. 

Bi-Folds Offer High Levels Of Security

Bi-folding doors offer high levels of security as there are many points on the door that can lock. Bi-folds are unlike French and sliding doors. These doors tend to only have one locking mechanism. 

Moreover, some bi-folding doors have panel-catch technology which means the door cannot blow shut.


Bi-folding doors have loads of benefits. They are one of the most versatile options on the market.