Despite patio doors often being long-lasting, they don’t last forever, so it may be time to replace them. 

French, sliding and bi-folding doors are all popular choices amongst homeowners for patio doors. Each different door has its own benefits. They all increase the amount of natural light entering the home, are often energy-efficient and are aesthetically pleasing. 

However, they don’t last forever and may require replacing. Moreover, this article discusses when the right time to replace patio doors is. 

Patio Doors And Their Lifespan

As patio doors can be a costly purchase, people often ask about their lifespan. How long these doors last depends on multiple factors. 

Bi-folds, sliding and French doors all differ in terms of their composition. Furthermore, the material, quality, accessories and treatment of each can also differ. 

The installation of the door can also impact how long it will last. If poorly installed, it won’t be as efficient or durable and will need replacing sooner. Whereas a door that is installed professionally and correctly may withstand the test of time. 

Aluminium frames can last for around 40 years if kept in good condition. Moreover, some sliding doors can last for around 30 years – if not longer. Low-quality doors or doors that are not kept well will not last as long. 

There are some obvious signs that it’s time to replace the patio doors, which are detailed below. 

Signs It’s Times To Replace 

When patio doors are flawed, they can affect the energy efficiency and functionality of a home. Moreover, they can look tired and damaged if not replaced. 

One sign that shows it’s time to replace patio doors in the home is cosmetic damage. If the damage is visible, it may be time to replace the doors. Moreover, this includes scrapes, scratches, chips and dints. 

Another sign that it’s time to replace patio doors is if the operation of them becomes difficult. Damaged or old doors can warp, which makes them stick or feel heavier. 

Furthermore, it may be time to replace the doors if a draught can be felt. If this is the case, the door is energy inefficient. 

Finally, it may be time to replace them for a more modern and contemporary look!