At Slide And Glide, we often get asked what the main benefits are of choosing uPVC or Aluminium window frames.

Aluminium frames are considered to be more expensive, whereas uPVC are considered to be the cheaper option. However, this is no reflection on their performance. We have created this handy guide to compare the two.

uPVC Window Frames

  • uPVC is one of the most popular options people go for when choosing new frames for their windows. uPVC is very easy to maintain, and even easier to clean. With a wipe of a cloth, they look brand new.
  • Furthermore, it’s an insulating material. When used for a frame, it is multi-chambered meaning it’s even more insulating. Moreover, this means uPVC is energy-efficient and can help in lowering energy bills.
  • Despite being insulating, uPVC is lightweight. Therefore, uPVC window frames are quick and easy to install. They are also long-lasting as uPVC can last for around 20 years without breaking or fading.
  • Above all, uPVC is one of the cheapest and most affordable options when it comes to upgrading or replacing your window frames.

Aluminium Frames

  • Aluminium is a strong material. Window frames made from this material can be slim due to their strength in holding the glass. Because of how strong the material is, aluminium is often ideal for commercial buildings too.
  • As well as being strong, it’s durable too. Aluminium can withstand all elements and extreme conditions.
  • Moreover, aluminium frames offer more flexibility. They can be coloured, textured and styled. There are over 150 RAL colours available to choose from. Furthermore, when powder-coated, the finish chosen will last for around 25 years.
  • Furthermore, aluminium is more than just a high-quality material. It’s eco-friendly and indefinitely recyclable too.

Both options are ideal to use for window frames when replacing or upgrading, depending on the style you want. Click here for more information on uPVC, or click here for more information on aluminium.