A bi-folding door can have between 2 and 7 panes.

The bi-folding door configuration can differ from home to home. 

A pair of bi-folds are two doors. They open and close together and cannot operate individually, as they are a pair. They work as one door because they are connected. Hence, a pair of bi-folds cannot have a traffic door or a normal door handle. 

To have a traffic door, the bi-fold must have an odd number of panes. Read more about the bi-folding door configuration below.

Optimum Bi-Folding Door Configuration

The size of the door and how often it will be in use will affect the ideal number of sections for a bi-fold. 

If each section is to slide in the same direction, then sections of 3, 5 or 7 are ideal. Moreover, with this configuration, a traffic door and door handle will work too. 

If a bi-fold has sections of 2, 4 or 6 panels, they cannot have a normal door handle as they don’t fold together properly. Hence, they have a limit to their operation. 

Other Things To Consider

Bi-folding doors can open to the left or the right. They can also fold inwards or outwards. Moreover, they can have a standard threshold or low threshold. 

Bi-folding door configuration can also be affected by the material chosen. uPVC is flexible, whereas aluminium is more rigid. It’s also more aesthetically pleasing due to its colour, finish and slimmer profile. Moreover, the slim profile reveals more of the glass panels too. Hence, allowing for more natural light entering the home and a better view of the outside. Furthermore, aluminium bi-folds are considered to be more secure than uPVC equivalents. uPVC may lose its structure and misalign due to its flexible nature. Aluminium is naturally much stronger and more durable. 

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