Bi-folding doors are made from multiple panels that slide back and fold up against each other.

Moreover, bi-folding doors are compact and can open up space. Many bi-folds are found at the back of the house, leading out into the garden. They are usually double glazed and let plenty of natural light inside via their large panels. Both closed and open, bi-folds create an almost panoramic view of the garden and open up homes. Furthermore, bi-folds keep winter weather outside whilst still allowing a sense of nature into the house.

Furthermore, bi-folding doors are available in wood, uPVC and aluminium. The latter is the most popular choice in the modern-day. Despite uPVC being more affordable, aluminium is a luxury choice. It makes homes stand out. Aluminium is more of an investment and is resistant to rotting and warping. Therefore, aluminium is hardwearing and can withstand harsh weather. Moreover, aluminium bi-folds can last for up to 45 years. Aluminium bi-folding doors are bespoke and customisable. There are countless RAL colours to choose from and stylish accessories too. Moreover, anthracite grey, steel blue and black are the most popular. 

The doors run on a tracking system, with the panels connected on a train. Bi-fold doors fold in on themselves before smoothly and quietly sliding across the system on their four stainless steel wheels. Furthermore, bi-folds also have a main traffic door for use when the doors are not open all the way. Bi-folding doors are easy and safe to operate. Furthermore, they are often more secure than other doors due to having multiple locking points. They are versatile and energy-efficient too. 

Check out our infographic below for the ultimate guide to seamless bi-folding doors! 

Bi-Folding Doors: The Ultimate Guide

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