Bi-folds cost homeowners money.

But they are an investment worth making for your project or your customer’s home. Bi-folding doors are a bespoke, tailor-made product. Furthermore, each bi-fold is different depending on your customer’s requirements and their home. This article provides a rough idea of just how much bi-folds cost and also the factors that impact the price.  

Bi-Folds Cost More Depending On Their Size

The bigger the bi-fold, the bigger the cost. Moreover, the bigger the door, the more aluminium and glass is needed. 

As the doors adhere to different specifications, pricing can vary. Furthermore, bi-folds are manufactured specifically for your project or customers measurements. Therefore, bi-folds cost more than purchasing a ready-made door. 

Moreover, the more panels the door has, the more the doors will cost. 

Do Colours Impact The Price?

Aluminium bi-folding doors are available in an array of RAL colours. With over 150 choices available, the price of the door can change depending on the colour chosen. 

Choosing a standard colour can keep the cost down. Keeping the colour the same internally as externally can also help to reduce the cost. 

What About Accessories? 

Like colours, there are tonnes of options when it comes to choosing accessories for the doors. 

Door handles are available in various colours with different finishes too. Choosing the standard choices and colours will keep the cost down, whereas upgrading the handles will cost extra. 

Glass Options

As with all windows, triple-glazing is more expensive than double. The more energy-efficient the glass is, the more the glass may cost. 


Bi-folding doors don’t have to be expensive. It’s always a good idea to weigh up the cost of the bi-folds for each project. Doing so allows you and your customer to stay on top of the budget and achieve the ideal door.

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