Natural light is the ideal way to brighten up the home and enlarge the space within a room.

Hence, bi-fold doors and lantern roofs are the perfect way to achieve optimal natural light. 

What Is A Lantern Roof? 

Roof lanterns are an aesthetically pleasing and practical way of allowing plenty of natural light into the home. They are a three-dimensional glass structure that adds a sense of extra space to any room through separate panes of glazing within a frame. Moreover, they are mainly used on flat roofs, including single-storey extensions or large open-plan rooms, to keep the space feeling airy and bright. 

Furthermore, lantern roofs were first installed during the Victorian era. Hence, they are often considered an architectural feature of period style homes. However, due to advances in technology, lantern roofs are now offered with little framing to ensure they suit contemporary homes too. 

What To Consider When Choosing A Lantern Roof? 

In some instances, planning permission may be required for a lantern roof. Usually, a roof lantern mustn’t be any higher than the highest part of the roof. A side elevated slope must have obscure glass. There mustn’t be a roof opening unless the height is over 1.7m above the floor. Planning permission is also required in conservation areas. Moreover, building regulations are usually needed too. 

When choosing a lantern roof, their position will need to be considered. It may be best to position the lantern roof in a shaded area to avoid glaring sunlight or somewhere that catches the sun to ensure optimal levels of natural light enter the home. Access to the roof lantern is also important to ensure it can be maintained and cleaned as necessary. 

Furthermore, roof lanterns can benefit from tinted glass to reduce the glare from the sun. The colour of the rooflight can also be customised to meet individual requirements. Moreover, the most popular colours are anthracite grey or black with the internal frame being white to blend into the ceiling. 

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