Bi-folding doors traditionally open outwards, but they can open inward too.

They are renowned for being space-saving and customisable. Hence, they can be made with various configurations and specifications, so they can open inward or outwards. Just like any other door, French, composite, uPVC, they can open inwards or outwards, hung left or right. Although, the preferred method is for the door to open outwards to allow homeowners to make the most of their home and garden at the same time.

If bi-folding doors open inward, they can take up room within the home when they are folded open. Moreover, if the door is wet, it can drip water onto the floor in the home. Bi-folds would also require a pull handle if it was to open inward and not outwards. Inward opening doors are more prone to leaking from the bottom too. 

However, this doesn’t mean that bi-folding doors cannot open inwards. They are particularly beneficial for small garden spaces or where bi-folds may block the path they lead out onto. 

What Are The Benefits Of Bi-Folds That Open Inward?

When bi-folds open fully, if they open inwards, they stack internally. Hence, if they open onto a patio space that has limited area, internal stacking may be ideal. Inward opening doors are easier to clean and maintain too, and the frames are also protected when they swing in instead of out. Sometimes, inward opening doors are considered safer if children spend a lot of time playing outside too.

What Else To Consider For Bi-Folds?

  • Material – aluminium, timber or hardwood, uPVC.
  • Size and panels – how many panels are needed? The more panels, the more expensive the door. 
  • Security features – if the doors are used for a back or patio door, enhanced security features may be considered. 
  • Budget – how much can the customer afford to spend? 

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