Bifold doors are becoming an increasingly more popular choice amongst homeowners. 

Bifold doors are useful for interior doors or exterior doors. They are versatile and aesthetically pleasing as well as energy-efficient. However, they are a costly investment. 

Before selecting bi-folding doors, homeowners tend to have questions regarding the product and installation. Check out the most popular questions below. 

Are Bifold Doors Expensive?

Depending on the door itself, bi-folds can be expensive. However, the price varies due to the size and material chosen. 

Folding doors are usually aluminium, timber or uPVC. Each material has different qualities in terms of its maintenance, lifespan, finish and cost. Aluminium tends to be the most expensive but the most durable and aesthetically pleasing. 

Moreover, the larger the space, the more folding panels. The more folding panels, the greater the cost. Most folding door systems have between 2 and 7 panes. Hence, a three-door system is usually cheaper than a six-door system. 

The multi-point locking system found on a bifold come as standard and add to the overall cost. However, they are worth the investment to keep the home safe and secure. 

Are They Easy To Install? 

Depending on where the doors will be sitting, depends on how easy they are to install. They can take a company or installer anywhere from one day to a week to fully install. 

Are Bifold Doors Secure? 

As folding doors provide access to the home from the back garden or access to the garden from inside, they need to be secure. 

Bifolds have a multi-point locking system alongside an inline track that the doors glide upon to fold back. Moreover, the aluminium frame is strong and sturdy, and the glass within is toughened, too.

Overall, bifold doors are a cost-effective and worthy investment. Furthermore, folding doors help in keeping the home stylish and modern as well as safe and secure. They connect the indoors to the outside and let natural light in whilst maintaining energy efficiency. 

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