Homeowners want as much natural light to enter their homes as possible.

Hence, installing bi-folds or patio doors are an excellent way of enhancing natural light. Moreover, this article discusses the difference between the two. 

What Are Bi-Folds? 

Bi-folding doors are a stylish option for the back of a house. Usually, they have between three and four panes of glass that fold behind each other to open. Hence, they fully open, providing an unobstructed opening to the garden. 

If your customer wants more natural light to enter their home or if you want to add natural light to your project, bi-folds are ideal. They are also ideal if there is limited opening space. 

Moreover, Slide And Glide bi-folds benefit from aluminium frames. Therefore, the frame is slim, modern and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, the bi-folding doors are low maintenance and easy to keep clean. 

However, one of the setbacks to a bi-fold is that they can be more expensive than other alternatives. Bi-folding doors have more glass than other doors due to their slimmer frame. Hence, they can be costly. 

What Are Patio Doors? 

Much like bi-folds, patio doors are another stylish option for the back of a house. They are an effortless alternative for homeowners who regularly move between the garden and the home. 

Unlike bi-folds, patio doors slide open. They consist of two panes of glass. One pane of glass slides across to sit behind the other. However, because of this, they don’t open fully like bi-folding doors.

Yet, because they slide open, they don’t require as much room. Nor are they as expensive, as sliding doors do not have as many glass panes. 

Furthermore, these doors also have a door handle for sliding open and closed that has a lock that can be flicked to open or close. 

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