Most homes benefit from double glazed windows, but what exactly are they? 

Double glazing was designed for windows and doors to reduce the loss of heat from within the home. Nowadays, it remains one of the most efficient ways to keep homes warm and secure, as well as reducing energy bills. 

Double glazed windows consist of two panes of glass that are separated in between. The gap in the middle is filled with air, or sometimes gases such as argon or krypton. The gas traps any cold air meaning the home stays well insulated.

Choosing A Supplier

When choosing a supplier for your glass, you need to check the following:

  • Energy efficiency – the glass should ideally be rated A to C.
  • U-value – this displays how easily heat can pass through the glass, so the lower the value, the better. 
  • Glass type – low emissivity is the most energy-efficient and desirable. 
  • Gaps – the gap between the two panes should be filled with argon or krypton to maximise insulation.
  • Pane spacers – these should have no metal to ensure efficiency.

Double Glazing Frames

There are plenty of types of frames for the two panes of glass. uPVC is one of the most common as it’s durable, cost-effective and easy to maintain. Moreover, uPVC is energy efficient. 

Aluminium is becoming more popular as it’s slimmer than uPVC and longer-lasting. It is more of an investment, though. 

Wooden frames are a popular choice for traditional homes, but they require more maintenance than uPVC and aluminium and can sometimes need treating.

Benefits Of Double Glazing

Furthermore, double glazed windows have many benefits. As mentioned earlier, they provide better insulation to homes. Thus, ensuring that warm air stays inside. Moreover, they prevent draughts meaning energy bills reduce. Alongside this, double glazing can contribute to smaller carbon footprints too.

Double glazing is more soundproofing than single glazing due to double glazed windows having two panes of glass instead of one. Hence, the noise from outside does not penetrate through the two panes as easily. Therefore, homes are much quieter with double-glazing. Moreover, this is particularly useful for homes in built-up areas, on the main road or near schools. 

Another benefit of installing double glazed windows is that homes then have heightened security. It’s much harder to break double-paned glass than single. 

Double glazing can also reduce condensation forming within the home, meaning damp is less likely. 



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