When deciding to dress bi-fold doors, the homeowner will need to choose between curtains or blinds, or both. Unlike with standard doors or windows, the homeowner will need to consider how their choice will impact the function of the bi-folds too. The main benefit of bi-folding doors is that they let in ample natural light. However, natural light isn’t always a good thing – like at night time or early in the morning. Privacy is key when it comes to the home. 

Dress Bi-Fold Doors With Curtains

Curtains are often considered a stylish yet cosy choice when it comes to interior design. Fitting them to the inside of the bi-fold will prevent drafts and enhance the privacy of the home. They feel modern yet airy and homely. 

Insulating or black-out curtains are a popular choice amongst homeowners, yet they can be quite heavy due to the fabric they are made from. A lighter choice might be more beneficial if the bi-folds cover an expansive area. 

Opting For Blinds To Dress Bi-Fold Doors

Blinds can create a modern aesthetic and a contemporary feel to the home. Yet, they may be more impractical than curtains – as curtains can be drawn back. Blinds often have to be rolled up and down, or horizontally but they won’t tie all the way back and completely out of the way. 

The choices of blinds include roller, roman, vertical and Venetian. 

Tips For Dressing Bi-Folds

Slide And Glide’s main tips for dressing bi-fold doors are to get specific measurements and ensure the curtains or blinds fit perfectly, and carry out some research. Some people may opt for both curtains and blinds. However, the practicality and the function of the bi-folds should be considered to ensure the way they are dressed doesn’t hinder their use. The material and size of the curtains and blinds should be taken into consideration and tailored to suit the doors.

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