Bifold doors are a worthy investment if they are maintained and cared for. 

When considering how to maintain bifold doors, harsh and abrasive cleaners must not be used. Whether this is on the glass, the frames, the track or the accessories, harsh cleaners must be avoided. 

It is also advised that wipes aren’t used. However, if they are used for convenience, going over the area later on with clean water and a cloth will help to remove any smudges and marks left behind. 

Gentle products may require more elbow grease. However, the bifolds will look sparkling and new if they are kept on top of, little and often. 

Cleaning The Glass

If the doors are in use often, the glass will quickly become marked inside. Moreover, if children live at the property, the glass may need cleaning regularly to remove finger marks. 

On the outside, dirt and dust can cling to the glass. Mixing soap with warm water and applying it to the glass before rinsing it with clean and warm water can remove any grime. 

In order to maintain bifold doors, cleaning the glass sections at a time will make sure no smudges or marks are missed. 


The hinges and handles of bifold doors are easily maintained. They may need oiling occasionally but should be kept clear of excess water. 

Maintain Bifold Doors Tracks

Where the bifold doors sit is known as the tracks. They are easy to maintain and need to be kept clear of leaves, stones, grass, dust and dirt. Moreover, regularly brushing and hoovering the tracks will help. However, make sure the brush is soft to avoid any scratches.


Keeping bifold doors clean is easy. Mixing soap and warm water together and applying it to the glass and frames can help to remove any marks and smudges. 

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