Keeping the home secure is a priority for all homeowners. 

The home is considered a safe space for many. Moreover, it houses people’s belongings, memories and family. Keeping it secure is imperative. 

Furthermore, keeping the home secure should be an easy task that doesn’t take much thinking about but works every time. Locking doors and windows, tilting blinds, leaving lights on, keeping keys and personal belongings out of sight all help when it comes to security. 

However, when considering bi-folds, many people question their security aspect. So how secure are bi-folds? Read this article to find out. 

Multi-Point Locking Mechanism

Slide And Glide manufacture bi-folds that have high-quality locks and hinges. These bi-folding doors benefit from a multi-locking system.

Moreover, the multi-point locking system allows the door to lock in multiple places. Furthermore, this enhances how secure the bi-fold is. Its unique streamlined heavy-duty roller system adds another layer of security to the door. By turning the handle, the multi-locking mechanism activates and secures the door and home.

Secure And Toughened Glass

Bi-folding doors comprise the highest standard of double glazing. The glass used at Slide And Glide is energy-efficient due to its A rating. 

When the aluminium doors close, the high-quality glass ensures that the weather stays outside alongside unwanted visitors. 

Thin Frames

Despite being thin, the aluminium frames on bi-folds are strong and durable. Hence, they last longer than other frames whilst enhancing the security of homes. 

Secure Through Other Means

As mentioned earlier in the article, the installation of blinds can help to keep the home secure. Or curtains can also work well. 

Moreover, moving personal belongings out of view from outside can deter people from having a nosey. Keeping keys out of sight can also help. 

Furthermore, some homeowners leave lights on when they’re not home to give the opposite impression. 

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