Bifolds are on-trend for modern and traditional homes and are available as two pane bifolds up to seven or eight. 

They comprise large glass panels and a uPVC, timber or aluminium frame. Moreover, the panels are hinged, so they fold back to expand open areas both within the home and outdoors. Furthermore, bifolds are customisable and can fit almost any building of any size. The smaller the home, the smaller the bifold. So for small openings, the concertina-style through the multiple folds won’t be possible. However, two pane bifolds are suitable for this style of home. 

Enhancing Small Spaces

As a full bi-fold isn’t possible in a small space, a two pane bifold may be ideal. Hence, this way, you can still benefit from the flexibility of the open space and the expansive glass panels. 

A two pane bifold is one that has two glass panels with a hinge in the middle. Moreover, this style door opens either at the left or the right side and folds onto itself. The panes stack together either inside the room or outside. 

However, due to the size, two pane bifolds don’t benefit from a traffic door that opens independently. They will also allow more heat to escape when they open – which will only be an issue throughout the winter. 

Benefits Of Two Pane Bifolds

Unlike a patio door, a two pane bifold can allow for a bigger open space and easier access into the house from the garden. 

Aluminium frames can also add a contemporary element to the home. Moreover, the frames are thinner meaning more of the glass is on show – allowing more natural light to enter the home. 


Two pane bifold doors are beneficial for any home, small or large. They allow plenty of natural light to enter the home, provide ample space within the home and garden, and look modern and contemporary too.

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