A traffic door is a feature of a bi-folding door system. 

Furthermore, traffic doors are similar to conventional doors. It has hinges and a handle and can open and lock independently. A traffic door provides easy and convenient access without needing to open the full bi-fold.

A Traffic Door Provides Access

Most bi-folding doors are the home’s main point of access to the outside. However, the whole door does not need to fold back if quick access is required. The traffic door can open to allow users quick access to outside. Moreover, this is ideal for taking the bins out or letting the dog out. 

Traffic Doors Allow Ventilation

The weather in the UK can be unpredictable. So despite bi-folds opening an entire wall to the outside, sometimes this isn’t always ideal. On cold and wet days, leaving the entire door open will lose heat from inside.

An access door can instead open ajar to allow ventilation of the room. Moreover, this is beneficial when bi-folds are in the kitchen.

Traffic Doors Are Safe And Secure

A traffic door is ideal when safe and simple use is needed. Furthermore, this could be when children are coming and going outside or vulnerable people. They are accessible for all and often have a low threshold. 

Moreover, most bi-folds lock internally. However, traffic doors lock externally – so access is permitted from outside in emergencies. 

Is It Necessary?

On the other hand, traffic doors may not be necessary if alternative access is available. A kitchen door may be in place, too, making a traffic door redundant in some cases.

Furthermore, an access door is not ideal for small bi-folds. They take up a considerable amount of space. Moreover, an access door would not work on a two panelled folding door. French doors or sliding doors may work better in this case. 

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