More and more people are updating their doors, whether it be their front door or patio doors. 

However, before upgrading to something more modern, efficient or secure, homeowners tend to have questions. Whether you’re a customer or a door installer, read on to find out what questions you should be asking or may be asked. 

How Long Have They Been A Door Installer?

Before choosing which door installer to proceed with, homeowners tend to do their research. Moreover, this can include online research, reading through reviews, questioning the company or assessing the quality of the product.

Word of mouth tends to be a popular way for installers to get business too. But asking how long the company has been trading or how long the individual has been installing doors can help identify the installer’s ability. 

Is Planning Permission Or Building Regulations Required?

A good installer will give the customer all the information they require. However, if planning permission or building regulations do not come up in conversation, the homeowner may bring up the question. 

A reputable installer will assist in obtaining the relevant permissions or pointing the homeowner in the right direction to comply. 

Is The Quote A Fixed Price? 

One of the most important questions is whether the quote given is an estimate or a fixed price. 

Estimates can increase, whereas a fixed price should remain the same. 

Is The Door Installer Insured?

If the door installer doesn’t have any insurance, particularly public liability, it may be wise for the customer to choose someone else.

The insurance protects the installer from any claims made in regards to personal injury or damage to the property. 

Is Money Needed Upfront? 

Most companies and installers will ask customers for a deposit. Moreover, this is usually between 10% and 20% of the total price, but can be more depending on the job. The deposit payment can cover the cost of materials and will minimise cancellations. 

However, a door installer should not ask for the total amount until the work is complete and the customer is happy with the job. 

How Long Will Installation Take? 

Before ordering, many homeowners ask how long they’ll be waiting before the installer can fit. Depending on how busy the installer is and the wait for materials, this will vary.  

How long installation will take can vary depending on the type of door, where it’s being fitted and so on. 

Other Questions To Ask A Door Installer

There are hundreds of questions to ask an installer. The most common tend to be surrounding the product, such as how low the threshold will be. A customer may also ask about what happens post-installation in terms of after-care. 


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